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Welcome to the Sandpoint Community Birth Center. We are happy to announce that the birth center is available and open for Community Births which can be utilized through the midwifery services of Lori Sabin LM CPM, Charity Catlin LM CPM, Kathy Johnson LM CPM, Amie Storm LM CPM, and Pam Roper LM CPM.

Together with the midwives and community member support, we are creatively and passionately transforming this space to best support the birthing community through education and resourcing in a comfortable and wholesome environment.

Additionally, the birth center is providing an available space for childbirth classes, lactation and postpartum support meetings, moms groups, and other family supportive activities. 




Midwives provide compassionate and individualized care for the birthing family, while believing in birth as a normal and natural process. 

Midwives believe in the power of education and resourcing, and that families are able to make the best decisions for their health care through informed decision making and consent. 

Midwives have privileges to utilize the birth center for clinic visits and birth. Please contact them to establish care. We look forward to serving you!

Charity Catlin LM, CPM 208.627.8096

Kathy Johnson LM, CPM 208.610.3963

Lori Sabin LM, CPM 208.627.3558

Amie Storm LM, CPM 208.704.5074

Pam Roper LM, CPM 208.627.6988

Birth Center

An essential piece of the local community and health care system, the birth center is community based and community supported.

Space is provided to promote wellness, education, and resourcing in a home-like environment.

The Birth Center supports birth as a natural and normal process. We do not have access to many obstetrical medical interventions at our facility.

Clients are empowered to make informed decisions for their health care and choices for their baby, through midwifery supported care. Clients working with midwives are supported in lactation, postpartum healing, childbirth education, and holistic health avenues for their family.

Upcoming Events

Monthly Mothers Circle!

When: Second Thursday every month.

Where: Sandpoint Birth Center.       

Come for connections and support. No matter where you are in your journey of motherhood or where you choose to birth! Come ready to receive and pour into each other as a community.                       

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Serving Families All Over North Idaho

Central town location, home like setting, proximal to local amenities, the ideal location and environment to support birthing families who live rural and would like to experience birth closer to town in a comfortable, safe setting, where natural and family centered birth is the focus.

The Sandpoint Community Birth Center is excited to support your family and birthing needs. Please contact us or your midwife to hear more about what its like working with a midwife, take a tour birth center tour, and have a cup of tea in our cozy atmosphere.


And we look forward to serving you!