Sandpoint Birth Center


On Healthcare

It is our philosophy that healthcare be provided to all women, without discrimination, as a means to promote healthy bodies, families, and empowered, happy lives.

We aim to achieve this through offering a space where education, quality care, and community resources are available for all. We believe this enables families to make informed and educated decisions about the healthcare they choose.

On Childbrith

Childbirth is one of the most rewarding experiences in a lifetime; one that creates the special bond of family. Birth is a natural and normal process that is nurtured by a safe and relaxing environment.

We believe that women have the natural and intuitive ability to bring babies into the world as a social rather than medical experience.

We have faith in the ability of family and community to support women through childbirth as a holistic and spiritual event that provides the foundation to healthy parenting.

Mission & Vision

Mission:  The Sandpoint Community Birth Center was established to support community members and midwives by offering a clinic space and home-like birth setting that improves birth outcomes through offering holistic support throughout pregnancy, birth, and postpartum.

Vision: Create a safe and exceptional environment for the local community to obtain optimal perinatal, birth, and postpartum experience through education and community resourcing.

On Family

We believe that family is one of nature’s finest masterpieces. Thus, it is our philosophy to support families in their quest to create a healthy environment in which to welcome and raise children.

We believe that it is our responsibility to educate and provide resources to families so that they can make effective decisions about the health care methods that best fit their own unique needs and values.

We believe that healthy families make healthy communities.


And we look forward to serving you!